Bruce Miller pleads to misdemeanor domestic violence

SANTA CLARA (KRON) — San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller today pleaded no contest to misdemeanor disturbing the peace, a conviction stemming from a March 5 argument with his ex-fiancée.

As part of his sentence Miller must attend a 16-week domestic violence counseling course, a standard outcome in a case where there the defendant has no prior criminal history and there was no physical injury.

A protective order remains in effect, barring Miller from any contact with the victim, pending sentencing. He is expected to be sentenced in about six months, after he has completed the program.

“We are satisfied that Mr. Miller is taking steps to address his underlying anger issues,” prosecutor Tyrone Wilson said. “He will hear in his mandated class that domestic violence is unacceptable no matter what the degree or circumstance.”

On the night of March 5, 2015, the victim and Miller were arguing in a parking garage at the Rivermark Hyatt House in Santa Clara. Miller grabbed her cell phone and threw it against a wall, smashing it.

Miller’s girlfriend, who refused medical attention, did not sustain any visible injuries or have any complaint of pain. She denied that there had been any physical contact during the incident.

An independent witness, who was sitting at a nearby bagel shop, told police she saw the suspect and victim exit the garage on foot as they argued. The witness saw the suspect throw the phone.

The witness allowed the victim to use her phone to call police.

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