Top Grad: Navjot Hansra, American Canyon High School

AMERICAN CANYON (KRON) — At American Canyon High School, Navjot Hansra is going though the rituals of graduation, but for her, the work is still ongoing. “Definitely trying to keep straight A’s because Valdictorians are required to do that,” said Hansra.

At her high school, there were 15 students who got straight A’s, but Principal Mark Brewer said there was something extra that set Hansra apart. “I think what sets Navi apart from that group is she’s just gone over and above, particularly with community service. We only have to have forty hours of community service at our high school to graduate, and she has two thousand,” said Brewer.

Navjot introduction to education came early, when she lived with her grandparents in India when she was just four. “My grandparents were both teachers in India .My work ethic was influenced by them. Everyday, I was like four years old, they would make me study two hours a day,” remembered Hansra.

Hansra will be attending the University of California at Berkeley in the fall.

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