Bay Area water agency unveils provocative ads aimed at water conservation

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The agency that supplies water to San Francisco and many other communities in the Bay Area is asking customers to continue trying to conserve during the state’s historic drought.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission says its water storage is only at 53% of capacity.

The Hetch Hetchy and Crystal Springs reservoirs are being kept at or nearly-full levels. However, the agency also keeps what they call a water bank at the Don Pedro Reservoir. That is only at 13%.

They say compared to other state utilities, they are in good shape, but need customers to continue to look for ways to save.

The utility company is asking customers to cut back an additional 10%.

To remind customers about the additional request, the utility company is releasing ads which have been described as provocative.

In one, the words “Go Full Frontal” are written on the advertisement. It is actually to ask people to use a front loading washer, which uses less water than the traditional type of washing machine.

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