Truck carrying 2,200 piglets overturns in Ohio, killing about half

XENIA, Ohio (KRON/AP) — An estimated 1,100 piglets may have died when a semitrailer carrying 2,200 piglets overturned on an Ohio highway.

The pigs that were killed were crushed, suffocated or thrown from the truck, according to Deputy Chief Greg Beegle of the township’s fire department.

Agencies and volunteers worked to corral the animals after the crash Monday night on U.S. Route 35 in Xenia Township, near Dayton. Crews picked up squealing pigs by their hind legs.

Some may have escaped into wooded areas. Beegle says crews rounded up those they could find before ending the search. He says 1,100 were taken to Greene County Fairgrounds to await transportation. The truck was traveling to Indiana from South Carolina.

Investigators say the driver of the semitrailer lost control, slamming into a guardrail. The driver was not hurt. A female passenger suffered minor injuries.

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