Warrior fans stocking up on championship apparel

CONCORD (KRON) — Fans were eagerly awaiting a shipment of Warriors hats at the Sports Authority in Concord.

The store only got 24 of the white caps, and they were hot ticket items. Warriors fan Michael Haggins said, “Yeah, I got to have one.”

The black hats that came out about two weeks ago are sold out at most stores. Not only that, they’re selling for nearly five times their original price on Ebay.

Besides the hats, fans loaded up on all things Warriors in anticipation of Tuesday’s big game.

One mom said that she has decked out her whole family in blue and gold.

Others are so excited about the games, that they are already talking about a parade. Joy Muhlestain is excited about the possibility. “Do you think we are jinxing things by talking about it,” Muhlestain wondered before answering her own question. “No, and I am going. My husband doesn’t like crowds, but we are going.”

Warriors fan Hector Delgado is more cautions. “No, I am not talking about it. I am superstitious. I just want them to win. Then, we will go from there.”

Tip off for Game 3 is at 6 p.m. at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

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