KRON’s Will Tran reflects on Warriors season

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — KRON 4’s Will Tran faced the daunting task requiring him to quickly pack his bags and leave his family behind to cover one of the Bay Area’s biggest sports moments — the Golden State Warriors on the cusp of winning an NBA championship.

As a passionate basketball fan, it didn’t take much to convince Will to hop on an uncomfortable plane ride and jet out to rain-soaked Cleveland to report on the Warriors for the 4 a.m. morning shows and continue reporting all the way through the final buzzer — and a possible locker room celebration.

Here are some of his social media posts from Cleveland:

Moments after the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in Game 6 105-97…

Click on photo to enlarge

“I was standing on a chair, looking the other way. bogut comes up. stands next to me. I didn’t notice him. I turn, see him, he stares at me with a sinister grin and then opens up a champagne bottle and pours it on me. it was cold!!! haha. we all laughed including him.”




After touching down in the Bay Area, Will posted this tribute to the Warriors

Will interviewing Draymond Green. Click on photo to enlarge

“I couldn’t be happier for a group of guys. I have covered a lot of athletes, celebrities, wanna be celebrities, politicians etc etc etc. But I can’t remember a group of guys like these guys. Not one guy with attitude. Zero. All kind and polite. I asked Andrew Bogut after last night’s game what he thought about not playing? He said “sure you love to play but I’m going to get a ring on this finger and it won’t care how it got there.” I believe every word he said. Just a bunch of terrific guys that perhaps young kids can point to and say “mama there goes that man!” Congrats warriors. See you at the parade. Hope to interview you guys there one more time before you go on vacation KRON 4 News”

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