People Behaving Badly: San Ramon water wasters

SAN RAMON (KRON) — KRON’s Stanley Roberts took a trip to San Ramon, and didn’t have to look very hard before he found people wasting water.

He quickly spotted a man washing his boat on St. Denis Drive. According to Roberts, it appears the man was using drinking water to rinse off the inside of the boat.

Officials say that potable water should only be used for drinking.

On the other side of San Ramon, Roberts saw automatic sprinklers sending water down the drain.

Just around the corner were more sprinklers. The reason that those were on during the middle of the day? The gardener says he was testing the sprinklers.

Officials say that the best time to run sprinklers, if people must use them, is in the evening, so there is less chance of evaporation and water wasting.

The Dublin-San Ramon water district offers free recycled water to residents. Retired landscaper Larry Sharky uses that water to water his lawn.

The recycled water is free for residents, but commercial users must apply for a permit to use the water. That costs $73 and there is a $10 fee no matter how large the truck is.

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