VIDEO: Mayor of Dublin talks about controversial plan to build water park during drought

Dublin Mayor David Haubert joined KRON 4’s Marty Gonzalez in the studio Saturday to talk about the controversial plan to build a community water park during the drought.

DUBLIN, Calif. (AP) – In the middle of a fourth year of drought in California, construction is underway for a massive, $36 million water park in a suburb of San Francisco.

The Contra Costa Times reported work has started on the Emerald Glen Aquatic Center about 35 miles east of the city.

The building comes as Gov. Jerry Brown in April ordered a statewide 25-percent cut in water use by cities and towns. Communities that already have been saving get a smaller share of the cut, and big water-users a bigger share.

The Dublin City Council approved the 31,000-square-foot water park in February after a decade of planning. Requests to downsize the project or scrap came in right away. Residents want the money spent on parks and other neighborhood amenities. About 480,000 gallons of water will be needed to fill the park pools.

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