Foodies on the hunt for Acai at Bay Area restaurants

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Foodies are on the hunt for restaurants serving the Acai, the latest trend in healthy foods. Saturday morning, Yelp Community Manager Abby Schwartz visited the KRON studio to tell where to find this so-called power food.

First, what is it? Certainly, there’s no need to climb a tree to find it. If you’ve never heard of Acai, Schwartz will give you a taste of what this Brazillian treasure is, and what people are saying it can do including a connection to weight loss.

Watch this video for a short list of restaurants in San Francisco, Fairfax, Sunnyvale and more Bay Area locations serving Acai-inspired dishes, smoothies and more healthy alternatives.

One popular item from a Sunnyvale location is the Mahalo Bowl made with guava juice, Acai, mango-strawberry, granola, coconut, bananas and honey (and no sugar added).

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