Police: Two deadly shootings near Bay Point could be gang-related

Contra Costa County sheriff's investigate a deadly shooting near Bay Point.

BAY POINT (KRON) — Investigators have released new information about two shootings that have left two people dead near Bay Point.

The shootings took place in the last several days, and both cases happened on Highway 4. And investigators believe they have uncovered some key elements in these cases including how they could be related.

At around 10 p.m. Tuesday night, 911 calls reported multiple gun shots heard. When authorities arrived, they found shell casings spread out on the roadway and a car with blood on it but no victim–until a few hours later.

“A local hospital notified us that they had two gunshot victims,” Contra Costa County sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee said. “One, a female, 19 years old, out of Concord. She was pronounced deceased at the hospital.”

Lee says the 19-year-old female victim has been identified as Patricia Ochoa from Concord. The other victim, an unidentified 26-year-old male is in stable condition.

As officials investigate the shooting, they are also looking into whether it is connected to a crime on Saturday afternoon where a man crashed into the center divider on Highway 4 after being shot.

Lee said the crimes may be gang-related.


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