Angel Sharks debut at Aquarium of the Bay

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As the nation prepares for shark week, the Aquarium of the Bay will be celebrating its own shark week with the arrival of three Pacific angel sharks.

The three angel sharks are particularly special since they are the first Pacific angel sharks to be successfully born and raised in captivity in the United States.

According to Aquarium officials, the pups weighed in at 120 grams and were 24 cm long when they were born. Today, the sharks have grown to 6.38 kg and 87 cm long.

“It’s very unusual and interesting to see these curious flattened sharks,” says Christina J. Slager, Director of Animal Care.  “With their large round eyes and whisker-like chin barbels, they look really different from most sharks.”

If you go visit the exhibit, keep your eyes peeled.  Angel sharks like to lie flat camouflaged along the sandy floor.

To learn more about Pacific angel sharks and Aquarium of the Bay’s research, visit


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