Two men hospitalized after tree limb fell on them at Mt. Diablo State Park

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (BCN) — A man was airlifted to the hospital and a second man suffered minor injuries after a tree limb fell on them at Mt. Diablo State Park on Friday, a park official said.

Park rangers responded around 10:30 p.m. to a report of a tree limb that fell on two men at the Live Oak Campground, state parks Contra Solano sector superintendent Ryen Goering said.

Goering said the two men were sitting at a table at campsite no. 14 when the tree limb fell and struck one man in the head.

The other suffered minor cuts and bruising and Goering said he was transported to the hospital for treatment but was released the same night.

The man with a head injury was airlifted to a hospital and kept overnight, Goering said.

Park employees are still working to determine why the tree limb fell on the visitors. Goering said state parks are surveyed every two years to identify trees near campgrounds or visitor centers and “anywhere where people are there for extended periods of time” that could potentially be a hazard.

Those trees are removed, he said.The last survey was completed earlier this year and mitigation work had already been concluded, Goering said. The tree limb that fell had not been identified as a risk.

“We do a pretty good job of inspecting the trees but we can never plan for an act of nature,” Goering said. “(Staff) will be investigating the cause. There could be a multitude of reasons why the tree limb fell.”

While there is some risk inherent in visiting any state park, Goering said in general, instances like a tree limb falling on visitors at a campsite are rare and he said the parks were generally very safe.

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