Darya and Wild 94.9’s JV: Happy wife, happy life

As for JV, Yi's modeling includes some racy photos, but according to him it's no problem.

Click on image to view NSFW photo of Natasha Yi

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In an interview Tuesday morning with Wild 94.9’s JV, Darya Folsom asks him about his marriage to model/actress Natasha Yi and the racy photos of her on the internet.
He dubs her as Mrs. Double Standard. She’s able to do what she wants because its part of her industry, but there are some limitations, he says.

“Happy wife, happy life” is what JV jokingly admitted is all that he wants.

Darya and JV spin off the fact that Hugh Jackman’s wife previously set a rule that he could not make any movies with Angelina Jolie. So when is the better half able to set some boundaries?

Watch JV and Darya tackle the topic in this short clip…



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