The World According to Gary: All-starstruck

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In today’s edition of the World According to Gary, KRON 4’s Darya Folsom and Gary Radnich discuss who’s on first, and the unfortunate times when no one is on first.

The Giants had an embarrassing slip-up while trying to catch a base-thief, throwing the ball to no one.

In basketball news, Gary and Darya play a game of ‘would you rather’– Would you rather get a hefty NBA paycheck, or a solid shot at a championship ring?

One man who is very familiar with championships is Coach Mike Krzyzewski, whose dreams came true when he got to meet his idol Beyonce.  No matter how famous you are, everyone gets starstruck by Beyonce.

All that, plus a Kardashian finds love, once more, in the NBA.  Find out who in The World According to Gary.

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