One of two brothers sentenced in Levi’s Stadium bathroom assault

Mug shot of Amador Rebollero

SAN JOSE (KRON, BCN) — One of two brothers accused of attacking two people in a bathroom at Levi’s Stadium was sentenced to five years in prison Monday.

Prosecutors say Amador Rebollero was the main aggressor in the Oct. 5, 2014 attack–which happened during a San Francisco 49ers game.

The bathroom assault left two men hospitalized.

A jury trial for Amador’s brother Dario is set for the August 31.

Rebollero pled guilty last month to assaulting the victims at a men’s bathroom at the stadium’s 300-level during an afternoon San Francisco 49ers game, Hernandez said.

Rebollero’s brother, 35-year-old Dario, was part of the assault and the pair had attempted to flee the scene but were quickly found and arrested by officers, according to Hernandez.

An investigation determined that the first victim nudged Amador’s shoulder to indicate a urinal was open, police said.

Amador said he didn’t like being pushed and punched the victim, who landed on the floor, according to police.

The second victim tried to stop Amador but was thrown to the ground by Dario, police said.

A witness used a cellphone to capture video of the attack that was posted on YouTube.

Amador’s public defender Daniel Portman, said his client initially faced nine years in prison and two strikes under the state’s three-strikes law.

During a preliminary hearing in May, Judge David Chapman dropped an enhancement of personal infliction of great bodily injury on the second victim against Amador based on evidence from prosecutors, according to Portman.

The first victim was knocked unconscious and left with a serious brain injury, Hernandez said.

The second victim suffered less severe injuries and has been treated, Hernandez said.

Portman identified the first victim as Kiran Patel and the second as Amish Patel, who testified during the preliminary hearing.

Dario pleaded not guilty to a felony assault count against him pertaining to the second victim and his trial was set for Aug. 31, Hernandez said.

Dario, who Hernandez said wasn’t as involved in the alleged assault, had posted $150,000 bail early on in the case and is out of custody.

Amador’s sentence includes one strike under the state’s three-strikes law, Portman said.

“Amador Rebollero accepts full responsibility for the harm that he caused Kiran and Amish Patel, and he hopes that both of them continue to recover and heal,” Portman said.

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