Video: Free recycled water in East Bay

PLEASANTON (KRON) — Some East Bay residents can brag that they have the greenest lawns–and they are not water-wasters.

They are getting free recycled waste water. But Kron 4’s Vicki Liviakis found outsiders are now being turned away.

The free recycled water is thanks to recycled waste water from a Dublin-San Ramon District fill station.

“We’ve sent 8.2 million gallons of water home in pick up trucks and cars,” water district spokesman Dan Gallagher said.

And now there are lines around the block Nobody could have predicted how popular this recycling program was going to be. For the thirsty lawns and gardens around the area, it apparently hits the spot.

And because of the lingering drought, it’s so popular in fact, that people have been coming from all over the Bay Area to pump free water. But that is coming to an end.

The recycled water will be restricted to people who live in Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton.

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