Donald Trump invited to MEX I AM festival in SF

SAN FRANCISCO — (KRON/AP) — A special invitation for Donald Trump from Mexico’s consul general in San Francisco. Trump has been invited to attend a festival intended to showcase Mexican food and culture.

Consul General Andres Roemer says the festival may help change the Republican presidential candidate’s perception of Mexican people.

Organizers of the MEX I AM festival says it is a weeklong event that showcases the best performing arts, culture, and ideas from Mexico. Organizers say festival goers can expect presentations from some of the most influential Mexicans in their fields of expertise around the world.

Consul General Roemer says the festival will show a part of Mexico that some people like Trump may not always see.

Since entering the race last month, Trump has made headlines with inflammatory comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico, accusing the country of sending over criminals and rapists.

The MEX I AM festival begins Sunday, July 19 and runs through Sunday, July 26.

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