VIRAL VIDEO: Bears duke it out for fish at Katmai National Park in Alaska

ALASKA (KRON) — Ask any good angler, and they’ll tell you that a fishing spot is very personal and sacred thing. Violating such hallowed space could get you thrown overboard.

That was the case when two brown bears — possibly relatives or friends (it’s not clear) — were caught on video clobbering each other over a prime sockeye salmon fishin’ spot at the Katmai National Park in Alaska.

The two heavyweights were not interested in sharing a rocky perch atop Brooks Falls where several salmon are seen attempting to jump over the small waterfall. The bears sometimes reach out and claw the leaping fish while in midair.

Bear No. 1 bashes the other bear off the short cliff and goes back to seeking out some salmon. But after noticing the fish stopped jumping out of the water, the champion fighter does a belly flop into the river below. Check out the clip!

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