Young entrepreneur shows “ugly produce” is still good


EMERYVILLE (KRON) — Believe it or not, about one-fifth of all the produce from California farms never makes it to market because of tiny imperfections.

Imagine all that waste! Not to mention the irrigation water going down the drain. KRON 4’s Vick Liviakis introduced us to a young entrepreneur who’s hoping to change that by convincing us to go ugly.

Ugly produce ends up in the dumpster all too often. Six billion pounds of it every year–tossed out and wasted just because it is not pretty enough.

You know what they say, beauty is only skin deep. So, why is it not true for imperfect pieces of fruit?

Meet Ben Simon. He is behind Imperfect Produce. And he wants to give consumers “ugly produce” at deep discounts.

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