“Dream team” to help Bay Area residents deal with BART Transbay Tube closure


OAKLAND (KRON) — BART officials said they have put together a dream team to help out Bay Area residents deal with the upcoming Transbay Tube closure.

There are two closures in total. The first starts on August 1 and lasts the entire weekend. Officials said this closure could bring big delays, and that is why a team was needed to try and make it as painless as possible.

AC Transit will play a major role in helping Bay Area residents survive the upcoming Transbay Tube closure. In total, officials said 96 buses will be put into position to shuttle people across the bay bridge.

It all starts Saturday, Aug. 1 through Sunday, August 2. BART officials talked about the delays the closure will bring and the reason behind the closure Tuesday at a news conference.

Representatives from Caltrans, SFMTA, AC Transit and the Golden Gate Highway Transportation District were all on hand Tuesday to discuss how they have helped join forces to create a so called “dream team” to assist impacted residents during this closure.

A BART official said the shutdown is necessary to rebuild tracks and bring in some new switchers that will enable transit officials more flexibility during problems in the tube. Caltrans officials said with as many as 20,000 more cars on the road, the delays could be substantial.

This is a $2 million project. Around 2,400 feet of track will be replaced.

Drop off and pick up for those using the bus bridge in the East Bay is 19th Street in Oakland and in the city, it is the temporary Transbay terminal.


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