Police find naked man grinding himself on bystanders

AUSTIN (KRON) – Texas police arrested a man Saturday after officers spotted him jumping around in his birthday suit and forcing himself on a pair of bystanders, including a woman whom he called “grandma.”

According to a report by KXAN, police arrested Nathan Pearson, 30, on the University of Texas at Austin drag near the Church of Scientology.

Pearson was perspiring heavily during the incident and randomly shouted that he was Buzz Lightyear, KXAN reported, citing the arrest warrant.

Responding officers found Pearson grinding on one man’s back from a “piggyback” position. Police tazed Pearson before handcuffing him, the affidavit states.

Police said he also bear-hugged a 66-year-old woman. While squeezing the woman, he repeatedly said “grandma.” The woman told police Pearson pressed her face against his chest so hard she couldn’t breath, and she got his sweat in her mouth.

Pearson has been charged with injury to an elderly person, a third-degree felony, the warrant states.

KXAN contributed to this report.

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