U.S. Mint police shoots pit bull after dog attacks 3 people

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON/BCN) — U.S. Mint officials say police shot a pit bull in the leg after the dog attacked a Mint employee and two other people outside the San Francisco coin factory Tuesday morning.

Offiicals say the animal attacked a Mint employee as she was walking to work at about 6 a.m. The dog apparently dog escaped from its home near the Mint at 155 Hermann St., according to U.S. Mint spokesman Tom Jurkowsky.

The woman fended the dog off with her cane and screamed. A U.S. Mint police officer who was driving by heard her scream and stopped, Jurkowsky said.

The dog then attacked a nearby homeless man and a jogger. Jurkowsky did not know if the two people were injured.

Jurkowsky says after that, the dog ran toward the Mint police officer, who felt threatened, drew his gun and fired. The dog received a bullet wound to its leg, but managed to run off and found its way home.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control found the dog’s owner and took control of the dog, Jurkowsky said.

San Francisco police and the U.S. Mint are conducting separate investigations into the shooting.

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