People Behaving Badly: Unwanted Press


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Sixty-four miles per hour and texting.

But we will soon find out a driver wasn’t texting at all, but what is he doing that takes his eyes off the road for a few seconds while driving down highway 101 in Brisbane? Apparently something not legal.

He gets pulled over off the freeway and gets to have a chat with Officer Singh of the California Highway Patrol. He wasn’t texting–he was checking his email.

Officer Singh didn’t give him a ticket for a cellphone violation. The driver got one for speeding.

In layman’s terms, he was cited for going 64 miles over what would be considered a safe speed for reading email–which is zero, and that is a moving violation.

The San Francisco CHP saw a 298 percent increase in cellphone tickets for the same period in 2014. And over 1,100 percent increase in texting while driving tickets.


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