San Francisco bicyclists protest crackdown on traffic laws


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco bicyclists gathered at a popular route in San Francisco to protest a recent crackdown of traffic laws.

In the city’s Haight District, bike riders lined up on Steiner Street, and one by one, came to a complete stop, made a hand signal, and were on their way. Over several hours in the so-called “Wiggle” protests, thousands of riders performed this unusual protest–by following the laws.

“What we are trying to do is demonstrate that the rules enforced that strictly are a little bit ridiculous, so what we are going to do is obey the rules to the letter and try to show everyone that it’s going to cause a traffic jam and it’s going to be bad for cars, pedestrians, and bikes,” bike rider Sara Solli said.

And that is what they did. Bikes of all colors and styles were riden by cyclists who came to a complete stop before moving along. For the most part, there were not any problems. The occasional driver went around the line of bikes out of frustration.

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