Baltimore sees 11 shootings, 2 fatal, over the weekend

BALTIMORE (AP) — On the heels of the most deadly month in 43 years, Baltimore saw 11 shootings, two of them fatal, in the first two days of August, including an incident Sunday in which seven people were shot.

Acting Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Sunday at a news conference that he believes the multiple-victim shooting was “a retaliatory act of violence.”

The weekend’s violence follows a disturbing uptick in homicides in Baltimore over the past three months, reaching a high in July with 45 killings_the most the city has seen in a single month since 1972.

Davis announced the creation of a multiagency task force to deal with the upswing in homicides plaguing the city. The Baltimore Federal Homicide Task Force, a new partnership among the police department and five federal law enforcement agencies, will go into effect Monday and operate for 60 days.

Federal agents will be embedded on the streets with the police department’s homicide unit.

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