Boil water alert in effect for two customers in los altos area

LOS ALTOS (BCN) — Only two customers are under a boil-water alert in Cal Water’s Los Altos service area Sunday, Cal Water officials said.

A boil-water advisory remains in effect for a customer on Cantata Way and a customer on O’Keefe Lane, both of who are in the South El Monte area, according to Cal Water.

Cal Water is a San Jose-based water utility, according to utility’s website.

Utility officials said they issued an alert for the South El Monte area of Los Altos July 26 and a separate alert for the Seven Acres area July 29.

The Seven Acres advisory ended July 31 after test results showed no E. coli or total coliform in the water, Cal Water officials said.

More than 800 customers in the South El Monte area needed to boil their water when the advisory went into affect. By Tuesday, the advisory was in effect for 61 customers, Cal Water spokeswoman Yvonne Kingman said.

Cal Water officials said workers will be making more upgrades in the coming weeks. Workers have already installed a new hydrant, replaced part of a hydrant, isolated parts of the water main and flushed and treated the main to restore service, according to the utility.

E. coli can make people sick, but total coliform bacteria are used as an indicator of the presence of other bacteria, utility officials said. Total coliform are not harmful to people, according to Cal Water.

Utility officials will reimburse anyone who used bottle water during the alerts if they bring their receipts to the Cal Water Customer Service Center at 949 B St., Los Altos or mail them to Chris Wilson at the same address.

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