Sebastopol theft suspect who fled from police has been caught

Sebastopol (KRON)  — Sonoma police are responding to an anonymous tip they received about a possible suspect matching the description of man who fled from officers earlier by foot in Sebastopol.

This evening, about 5:30 pm, a resident on Ozone Lane called 9-1-1 to report that an individual matching the description of the person who fled from officers on foot earlier had exited Ozone Lane and was walking eastbound on Highway 12 near Llano Road.

A Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sergeant was in the area and located the individual on Llano Road near the Sonoma County Regional Parks Bicycle Trail.

Sebastopol police officer Levesque responded to the area and positively identified the individual as the person who had fled from him earlier.

The individual, Ray Ruben Guerra, a Santa Rosa area transient, admitted fleeing from the officers and stealing near $400.00 worth of merchandise from Safeway in Sebastopol.

He was booked into the Sonoma County Jail on one count of resisting,obstructing and delaying an officer. A charge of theft will be sought through the District Attorney’s Office.

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