Gold chains being snatched from necks of Fremont women


FREMONT (KRON) — Gold chains are being snatched from the necks of women living in Fremont.

The robberies have become a problem. In the latest case, the victims were held up at gunpoint.

KRON 4’s Philippe Djegal spoke with women living in the area, who believe a specific group of people are being targeted.

Don’t be fooled by the tree-lined streets. And even families pushing babies are being targeted.

Residents said the robbers are even assaulting girls and old ladies.

“We are not wearing gold,” one resident said. “We have come from India wearing all those, but we have removed it,” Fremont resident Rachana Avireddi said.

This after late Wednesday night, when police said a man about 25 years old approached a family of three in a parking lot — two women and one man.

One of the women was assaulted so viciously, she required medical attention. Police said the suspect walked up to the victims, pointed a gun at them, then snatched the gold chains off all three of their necks.

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