Only on 4: Residents at Pacifica mobile home park threatened with mass evictions

UPDATE: A resident at the park told KRON 4 it has rescinded all notices to vacate.

PACIFICA (KRON) — Another mobile home park in the Bay Area is threatening mass evictions.

The first wave of notices has hit the Pacific Skies Estates” in Pacifica.

Alan and Caroline Hayes thought they had finally found a place to raise their family.

“We’re working around the clock,” Caroline said. “I work during the day. He works at night. We never see each other. That’s what we do to make ends meet.”

They’re renting a home at the Pacific Skies Estates for about $2,300 a month, but they don’t know how long they’ll be able to stay.

Their neighbors one street away have already received these notices, telling them they have two months to find somewhere else to live.

“The reality is … I might have to sleep in my car. And I can’t do that. Tell the world. I cannot do that!” another resident said.

These renters are getting help from the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo, but right now, their future is murky. A spokeswoman for the owner of the park said they plan to upgrade these 40-year-old trailers. The pipes under the homes need repair, so the tenants move out. This is just the first wave of notices.

After the upgrades, the rent here will go up but stay moderate. That’s according to the park owners.


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