Swiss millionaire son sets his Ferrari on fire

AUGSBURG, Germany (KRON) — The wealthy son of a Swiss millionaire has been convicted of deliberately setting ablaze his Ferrari 458 Italia in a scheme to get an updated model of the luxury car through his insurance.

His insurance company reportedly became suspicious and checked video from a security camera to look into the man’s claim. The investigation led to the arrest of the unnamed 20-year-old man and three accomplices.

During trial the man told the court that he had gotten bored with his Ferrari and wanted a new model.

The man was sentenced to 22 months probation and was ordered to pay a fine of $33,000. His accomplices were sentenced to probations of between 14 and 16 months each.

Investigators say that in an attempt to create an alibi, the car’s owner went to a massage parlour in Augsburg, Germany with a friend, leaving his accomplices to set fire to the car.

The car’s owner is the son of a Zurich-based businessman and lives part-time in Augsburg. He reportedly owns 15 other vehicles.

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