People Behaving Badly: Cable Car Passers

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A blue car approaches with diplomatic plates, and notice the stop sign appearing from the rear of the cable car.

At first, the driver stops and permits passengers to board. However, as soon as the stop sign is no longer there, the driver goes around the cable car and comes pretty close to hitting me, which by the way is illegal.

On the back of almost every cable car is a new sign. It reads, “Do not pass cable car.” And on the streets, there are black and white official do not pass signs.

For the record, it has always been illegal to pass a stopped cable car. In fact, the fine if you are caught doing it is $238.

A limo driver is about to pass, but the cable car gripman jumps out to stop him. Another driver tries to beat the cable car by driving in the section of road that is not a lane of traffic.

There is a lot of bad behavior around San Francisco’s iconic cable cars.

There have been two cable car operators that have been hit. One was struck by a motorcyclist ignoring the do not pass.

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