Bay Area reacts to Piedmont 4.0 earthquake

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Bay Area was jolted awake by a magnitude 4.0 earthquake that struck in the East Bay early Monday morning. The United States Geological Survey downgraded the intensity of the temblor from a magnitude 4.2.

The USGS reported the quake struck at 6:49 a.m. Some KRON 4 News viewers are reporting minor property damage, but there have no reports of major structural damage or tsunami warnings as a result of the quake.

According to the USGS, the quake was centered about one mile north of Piedmont, three miles northeast of Oakland.
Stories shared on KRON’s Facebook page:


Noni Peppers: “Felt it here in Burlingame but it felt more like a gentle shake.”


Mik Cha Son nice boom with a heave up and down and a lil roll …in Danville / Alamo border…


Abraham De La Torre: “Emeryville.. felt the ground shake under my feet. Windows and garage doors seen vibrating”


Ivette Williams: “I was sleeping and felt my bed shake a bit for 2 seconds and that was it ( live by mt. Eden high school) what a way to start my fall semester.”

Daniel Roberts: “Aye there’s a new crack in my ceiling it did not wake the cats I was just waking myself and I heard it first then a rolling it felt as if it was going to keep going but no. Just another day in the Shafer Park area of Hayward.”


Jennifer Ann Williams: “Scary, felt it in Martinez.”

Elena Baril: “Felt in Martinez”


Janney Flores: “Felt it in Napa, scary since its almost one year anniversary from the 6.0 last year.”


Greg Abrams: “Top of the hill in Montclair district in Oakland, right next to Redwood regional Park. Really really loud jolt, much louder in noise than it was in movement. Maybe two seconds, maybe three.”

Paola Navarro: “I live in Oakland woke me up my bed was shaking and my window’s [were] shaking. .. was scary alittlw strong”

Megan Renee: “Woke me up in Oakland”

Sabrina Shabnam: “I believe there was an aftershock? I live in Oakland near lake Merritt. Really felt the first one. Thought my ceiling fan was going to fall on me.”

Stephanie Lynn Flores: “It felt a lot stronger than a M4.0. We are at Fruitvale & 580… it was moving and shaking the bed and the TV. Our dogs were running around the house. I thought the TV was going to fall over.”


Melyssa Snyder: “I’m right In Piedmont and I felt it shake really good. It woke me up lol, I thought it was my cat jumping on the bed until I realized my stuff moving, and car alarms going off, and dogs barking @Kron4News”

Denise MaNguyen: “It felt like a 7.5 earthquake. I not only felt it, but heard the rumble and the walls and house shook. Couldn’t help that we are right in Piedmont. Scary.”

Marijane Castillo: “In Piedmont, it felt like the big one. Photos and books fell off the shelves. We ran for the nearest doorway. Very strong jolt at the beginning, and it was loud. Smaller jolts shaking north south direction. A couple of doors are sticking now, compared to before the earthquake. Lasted maybe 4 seconds. Pretty scary stuff.”


Røsariø Suarəz: “It woke me up. In Richmond”


Christopher Flatgard: “Shook the hell outta my house for a second in San Leando”


Jamie LeeAnn Conley: “Felt it in Vallejo. My son fell out of his bed. I heard a weird crackle before my house shook.”

Pinky May: “I was right next with my puppy in the couch watching kron4 morning news.. trying to go back to sleep then I felt it for 10 secs at least ..I got scared becoz we just moved in this new apartment in Vallejo Ca, 3rd floor but since it’s brand new I felt safe here.”

Marci Mac: “Felt it here in Vallejo”


Anthony Ramirez: ‘Nothing in Walnut Creek.”


Kathy Trabue Weiss: “Whole house creaked in Woodside”


Eric Willett: “I’m a half mile away from the epicenter and I heard the rumble come my way and then felt a good shake, all while in the shower!”

Sahida Ahmed: “Yup woke me up turned the ceiling fan off right away thinking it might fall on me, felt it hard.”

Schumann Georgia: “It woke me up from a sound sleep. It was like someone rammed my bed.”

Anna Rosa Cortez: “My apartment was bouncing up and down got me out of bed!!!”

Erika Singer Burke: “In Twin peaks, a good shake, not quite a roll…rattled the bedroom mirrors and a quick aftershock. Must have been a doozy in the epicenter.”

Oscar F Ramos: “I don’t like that kind of alarm”

Harold One Feather: “Oakland ave, apt bldg sounded it like was ripping in half”


Stay with KRON 4 News for updates on this story.

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