Ready 4 School: Schools prepare for possible earthquake

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Monday¬†morning’s earthquake has many asking what are schools in the area doing to keep your kids safe in the event of a quake.

A principal at a San Francisco school told KRON4’s J.R. Stone she has been in a worst-case scenario. She said her school in Los Angeles was not prepared for the Whittier earthquake in 1987, which is why she is working so hard.

Her students were in the lunch room and were not hurt. Her school back then wasn’t prepared, and she vowed to be prepared if she was ever in charge. The San Francisco Unified School District now has her teaching other principals in the area about preparations.

Ferrante’s gone so far as to invest in a shed away from the school, allowing for easy access to emergency supplies. This year, she’ll be investing in several new things, among them, specially made nutrition bars.


Principal Gina Ferrante of Lawton Alternative School said she has put emergency backpacks inside open areas of the school, like the auditorium, library and main office.

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