Video: More great white sharks expected in Bay Area waters

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It has been an unusual year along California’s coast.

Marine biologists have seen whales, birds, and even sharks acting strangely. Some experts now believe that El Nino could to be to blame, and that we could see even more odd behavior.

On Monday, KRON4’s Charles Clifford spoke with a marine biologist in San Francisco. Back in June, a rookery of juvenile white sharks appeared near Monterey. Marine biologists believe they may have been pushed farther north than normal by El Nino, the warm water mass developing along the equator.

But it is not just sharks. There have been strange animal sightings all along the California coast this year, including an unusual abundance of whales hanging around just off shore.

“It’s been really fascinating,” Marine biologist Melissa Schouest said. “We’ve seen the whole food web pushed up on shore for us to take a peek at.”

Schouest with the Aquarium of the Bay said that changes in the food supply of whales and sharks, specifically changes in the upwelling of krill and mackerel, has brought the animals closer to shore.

She also believes the pattern could continue.

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