Monterey removing mural for conference room renovation

MONTEREY (KRON/BCN) — The city of Monterey began removing a mural located at the conference center Monday in preparation for the renovation of the Monterey Conference Center.

The mural will removal project is expected to take four months and will cost the city around $55,000 and $100,000, depending on the level of restoration work needed, according to city officials.

The 45 by 11-foot mural occupies the southwest corner of the building. It is expected to be reinstalled when the project is complete, said the city.

Monterey commissioned the San Francisco-based building restoration firm ARG Conversations Services to spearhead the removal project, according to the city.

The mural contains 663 hand-painted tiles and the ARG staff is carefully removing each one. The tiles are then being labeled and keyed in a graph form to have the mural accurately reinstalled, city officials said.

Each tile will be wrapped in museum conservation foam and stored in special cartons. Tiles damaged by weather will be restored by experts at ARG’s conservation studio in San Francisco, according to the city.

“ARG has helped protect many of America’s treasures, including Yosemite’s Ahwahnee Hotel and three California missions,” Community Services Director Kim Bui-Burton said in a statement. “Monterey’s mosaic is in great hands.”

The mural is a colorful timeline of Monterey’s history, showing 150 different scenes, including significant events, historic figures, and buildings.

Plans for returning the mural once the renovation is complete are still being determined, according to city officials.

The revitalized conference center is expected to reopen sometime in early 2017, according to the city. The mural was created and installed by artist Guillermo Granizo in 1984.

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