People Behaving Badly: El Sobrante package theft


EL SOBRANTE (KRON) — A Lexus rolling down a cul-de-sac in the city of El Sobrante.

The car pulls up and stops outside a home. They back in.

Then, two men get out the car. One pops open the trunk. Then, they stand there looking around probably for about a minute

Finally, they both head towards the home entrance, and the man in the white shirt goes up and hands a package to the man in a orange shirt and cap. Then, they both head back to the car. The package is too big to fit in the trunk, so he puts it in his front seat and off they go.

Another driver stops at the same house, this time a different car. The driver also backs partially into the driveway and just sits there for a few minutes. Finally, the door opens up, and the driver appears. And he casually heads to the home wearing his New York T-shirt and a blue cap.

He gets to the door entrance and grabs the Amazon package that was just left at the door 15 minutes before, where according to the homeowner, they were home. But the FedEx driver never knocked on the door. He looks around for any to see if there is anyone watching. Then he heads back to his car with the package in hand.

The contents of that package a child’s backpack. He throws it in the passenger seat and heads off.

Residents said there is a problem in the El Sobrante and Richmond areas with package thefts, which happens during different times of the day.

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