Real or Fake? Double standard? Girlfriend sets boyfriend’s penis ablaze for cheating


(KRON) — A scorned woman was caught on video setting her boyfriend’s genitals ablaze for allegedly cheating on her.

The shocking YouTube video was uploaded over the weekend but quickly removed. However, a copy of the video has been making the rounds on social media which is generating lots of reaction to both the audacity of the alleged crime and its sexist undertones.

The clip shows a man fast asleep on his bed (apparently) when a woman (presumably his significant other) removes the blanket, pours an unknown liquid on his underwear then lights the area on fire.

The man screams in pain and tries to put the fire out with his hands. The girl is heard in the background yelling obscenities at him for cheating on her.

“That’s what you f***** get, you wanna cheat on me with my f***** co-worker,” the woman screams.

“And you didn’t f***** think i was gonna’ find out?”

But the real question is: Is the video real or fake?

The debate over the authenticity of the clip is raging across social media. If this isn’t one of Jimmy Kimmel’s viral video stunts, the clip — which was reportedly uploaded by the woman — is self-incriminating evidence.

“Heh. That guy is faking his ‘cries’ of agony to get out of the situation cleanly. If he really got burned, he would yell like hell and sprint towards shower. Who says ow ow ow, when his d*** is burning?,” says YouTuber aabeeceed.

Several other commenters are saying the viral video shows a double standard arguing that watching a man’s penis set on fire is more amusing than disturbing.

“Now reverse the genders and see if women will find it so funny then? feminism is a joke,” points out YouTube user Cascadesbmx.

Check out the video below then sound off on our Facebook page…

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