SJPD: 2 suspects dead, man hunt continues for third suspect

UPDATE 6:16 A.M.: A manhunt continues for a third murder suspect who they believe to be involved in the brutal murder of Christopher Wren that occurred Thursday August 13, 2015 in a building on Lundy Avenue in San Jose.

Police are advising the suspect to turn himself.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to call SJPD because this suspect could be armed and dangerous.

UPDATE 11:02 P.M.: Friends and family of 40-year-old Richard Jacquez gathered near the place where he was shot and killed by police on Monday night. They characterized him as a loving friend and family member, but police said that Jacquez was a cold-blooded killer.

Police said he and two other men were armed with what police are calling tech nine style handguns, pointing them at a man in a white T-shirt, later identified as Christopher Wren. Wren was found dead in the office building where the surveillance video was recorded. Police say Jacquez was wanted for Wren’s murder. Officers shot and killed another suspect in Wren’s murder on Sunday.

A felony warrant was issued and police were tracking Jacquez when it came to light that he planned on killing the woman who was in his car on Monday night. A pursuit resulted in a crash.

Jacquez took off on foot, and sometime after that, an officer shot him and killed him. Police said he was a threat to the community and was considered armed and dangerous. However, he did not have a gun on him when the officer shot him.

UPDATE 8:01 P.M.: A San Jose police spokesman said the suspects were terrorizing the victim in the Lundy Avenue homicide. And a vigil was held Tuesday night for all the people killed in San Jose police shootings.

UPDATE 7:21 P.M.: Police have released the identity of the suspects killed in both officer-involved shooting. The suspect killed in Sunday’s shooting has been identified as 29-year-old Matthew Castillo.  The suspect killed in Monday’s shooting has been identified as 40-year-old Richard Jacquez.

Matthew Castillo (left) and Richard Jacquez (right)
Matthew Castillo (left) and Richard Jacquez (right)

Police have also released the surveillance video of the homicide on Lundy Avenue.

UPDATE: Police said they have security images related to the homicide on Lundy Avenue.

Police said the identities will be released later Monday.

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SAN JOSE (KRON) — Police say two suspects wanted in the deadly shooting of a former marine last week were shot and killed in separate encounters with officers. Investigators are looking for a third suspect and called on the man to turn himself in on Tuesday.

Police say one of the suspects was shot by officers on Monday night, following a high speed chase along Monterey Highway. Investigators say the suspect ditched his car at Kirkhaven Court and Stoneyhaven Way and ran toward a home. Police say at one point the man reached for something near his waist, and that’s when an officer opened fire, killing the suspect.

The man was wanted in the shooting death of 38-year-old Christopher Maxwell Wrenn, a San Jose resident and former Marine. Wrenn was killed in the hallway of a partially vacant office complex on Lundy Avenue.

Another suspect wanted in Wrenn’s death was shot and killed by police at Senter Road, near Capitol Expressway on Sunday night. That suspect was armed with a handgun, according to police. Investigators say the suspect reached into his waistband for a gun, prompting two officers to shoot and kill him.

Police are urging the third suspect wanted in the homicide case to surrender peacefully and avoid further violence.

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