Video: Burning Man organizers warn of stink bugs


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Organizers of the famous Burning Man week-long event coming up in Nevada have confirmed that this year, the plans are being hampered by large swarms of bugs, known as stink bugs.

They hope the bugs will be gone in a week and a half when the event starts, but so far, the pictures are eye opening.

Professor John Hafernik said these bugs appear to be what are called stink bugs.

“People use the word bug really widely, but these actually are bugs,” Hafernik said. “They’re in the group of insects we call true bugs.”

Hafernik added they are harmless. He also said the recent wet weather where the Burning Man event is held is likely the reason for the bugs.

“Insects can respond quickly and reproduce rapidly, so you can get a high number in a short period of time,” Hafernik said.

Some of the pictures coming out of Black Rock City, Nevada show darker insects as well, but Hafernik said the quality of the pictures are too poor to identify them. As for the stink bugs, he said they are not harmful, but they do sometimes smell.

And yes, don’t be shocked if they run up your sleeves.

“So it’s part of their defense,” Hafernik said. “if you don’t touch them, they don’t smell. If you step on one, grab one, swat one on the back of your neck, you’re going to smell that kwanone coming out.”

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