FAA behind plan for bigger, better fence at San Jose airport amid high-profile security breaches

SAN JOSE (KRON) — Big changes are coming to Mineta San Jose airport after several high profile security breaches — including a bigger and better fence.

At least two of them involved intruders scaling the airport’s fence, most notably back in April 2014. That’s when a 15-year-old boy, hopped the fence and hid in the wheelwell of a Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767.

Amazingly, the boy survived a flight to Maui and lowered himself to the ground there.

Then, in March 2015, a 20-year-old woman scaled the fence and made her way across several runways before she was spotted by a UPS freight worker. She was confronted by security and arrested.

And now, the Federal Aviation Administration is getting behind a plan to build a bigger, better fence to help prevent more breaches.

The airport completed one new fence across from Avaya Stadium in the spring because of its high traffic. The other, future upgrade locations were chosen based on a security analysis. It should all be finished by May 2016.

The new fences are 10 feet high, with a foot of razor wire on top and even smaller chain link. But it will also have a concrete portion at the bottom.

The grant doesn’t cover all of the fence line, just a portion of it. After one portion is completed, the airport will look for more funds to finish the fence, and then look towards buying technology, like infrared and motion detectors.


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