Napa Quake: Changes at schools one year later

NAPA (KRON) — The U.S. Postal Service building in downtown Napa is one of the dozens of structures damaged from the 6.0 quake that struck wine country one year ago Monday.

One year later, KRON 4 takes a look back at the damage and what changes have been made since the powerful quake hit.

The new school year is now getting under way, after work crews were busy at campuses over the summer making sure structures are safe.

Luckily, school was not in session when the quake struck. School officials say that they thought their schools were in pretty good shape, but the disaster sent home a message that safety upgrades were needed. When the earth shook, heavy text books and file cabinets came crashing down, tile floors cracked, and light figures fell from the ceilings.

Work crews have now secured cabinets and other furniture three feet high and taller to walls and floors. Other safety upgrades include replacing damaged light figures with ones less likely to fall off.

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