Napa Wine Room still recovering from earthquake

NAPA (KRON) — Vintner’s Collective Wine Room in Napa is still recovering from the Napa earthquake one year ago. However, the wine tasting room is open for business despite all the work there is left to do. J.R. Stone caught up the Napa favorite to find out the details.

“I’ve been open for almost 14 years and I intend to be for another 14 at least,” Manager Garrett Murphy said.

The room was built in 1875, making it the oldest stone building in Napa, according to Murphy. Some of the rocks that fell during the earthquake weighed as much as 700 pounds.

It cost Murphy and the business hundreds of thousands to help keep the room going. They did it with no financial help. They won’t be shutting down anytime soon, though.

“Too young to retire, plus I’m having way too much fun drinking good wine,” Murphy said.

The building is expected to be finished within the next few months.

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