Judge: No settlement on Deflategate, ruling to come soon

Tom Brady
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady arrives at Federal court in New York, Monday, Aug. 31, 2015. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

NEW YORK (KRON/CNN) — San Mateo native Tom Brady and the NFL have failed to reach a settlement in the Super Bowl champion’s appeal involving the Deflategate scandal.

On Monday, Judge Richard M. Berman announced that there will be no settlement and that he expects to make a ruling in the case this week.

“The parties tried quite hard,” said Berman. “In some cases (settlement) doesn’t happen. This is one of those cases.”

Without a settlement, Berman will have to either affirm or throw out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to uphold a four-game suspension of the New England Patriots quarterback. The NFL concluded Brady colluded with two Patriots ball handlers to deflate footballs to gain an edge in a 45-7 victory over the Colts.

The NFL Players Association has accused the league of handling the discipline unfairly for Brady, who has denied any role in the scandal.

Judge Berman said he’s putting the final touches on his decision, and a ruling could come as early as tomorrow.

Meanwhile a courtroom sketch artist is getting a better reception for her latest rendition of Tom Brady.

Artist Jane Rosenberg was taken to task online earlier this month for her portrait of Brady at a Deflategate hearing.

The sketches went viral on social media and became a target on late-night talk shows, with some joking that the artist depicted the Patriots quarterback as a cross between “Quasimodo,” “Gollum” and “ET.”

During the court proceedings on Monday, Rosenberg again drew Brady, and this time her depiction of the NFL star was a little more on target, by most accounts.

“Behold, a Tom Brady courtroom sketch in which his face isn’t melting,” tweeted the tech site Mashable.

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