Oregon woman accused of drinking, smoking pot with kids

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. (KOIN 6) – A 34-year-old woman is accused of taking money from an 11-year-old girl and then going to the store to buy a group of five youth alcohol and then letting some smoke pot, according to police.

Shannon Hogan is charged with 1 count of second-degree child neglect and 5 counts of furnishing alcohol to a person under the age of 21. Police say that the investigation “also revealed that some of the children openly smoked marijuana with Hogan in the same room.” The incident reportedly happened in April. Charges were just filed late last week.

According to court documents, the group of juveniles all met at Hogan’s residence to hang out with her 13-year-old son. An 11-year-old who was present told police that they had given Hogan money for booze and that Hogan “went to the store and purchased alcohol for the children,” a court affidavit states.

Detectives spoke with two other children, a 15 and 12 year old, and they corroborated the statements made by the 11 year old, court documents state. They also told police that Hogan was intoxicated with the children.

Security cameras from the store showed Hogan “purchasing cans of alcohol” that were consistent with the description given by the three juveniles, court documents state.

Police determined that there was an 11 year old girl, a 12 year old girl, and three 15 year old’s, two boys and a girl, who attended the party. None of whom are related Hogan.

Records show that Hogan was booked into the Lincoln County Jail. Her bail was set at $100,000. She posted $10,000 and was released from custody. Hogan was arraigned on Aug. 27. She is due back in court on September 28.

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