Pier 14 Shooting: Santa Clara County sheriff gives sanctuary city policy second thought

SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — In the wake of the Pier 14 shooting in San Francisco, many Bay Area counties are taking a closer look at how they deal with undocumented immigrants who get in trouble with the law.

A “sanctuary city” pioneer is giving the policy a second thought. Nearly two months after Kate Steinle died on Pier 14, Santa Clara county is taking a second look at their sanctuary city policy.

In a meeting Monday, the sheriff admitted they have been ignoring ICE requests since late 2011.

“We are still getting requests and we are ignoring them,” sheriff Laurie Smith said.

She is asking the board of supervisors to take a second look at their policy. The man accused of killing Steinle is an undocumented immigrant who had been in and out of U.S. prisons.

ICE supporters argue law enforcement cooperation makes everyone safer.

Many recent immigrants spoke at the meeting in support of Santa Clara County’s current position.

“Right now, they’re scared. They are in a very vulnerable position right now,” said Priya Murthy, who is the program director for Siren, an organization that helps immigrants know their rights. “People have to feel safe going to law enforcement.”

The board of supervisors will continue their discussion at their next meeting on Sept. 15.

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