Video: Shortage of hospital beds at Valley Medical Center in San Jose likely to get worse


SAN JOSE (KRON) —  A shortage of hospital beds in San Jose is likely to get worse, before it gets better.

The cost to taxpayers now looks to be more than what was promised, amid delays and cost overruns in the construction of a new wing to Valley Medical Center.

And as KRON4’s Rob Fladeboe reports, Santa Clara County and the contractor, Turner Construction, are pointing the finger of blame at one another.

The $300 million addition to Valley Medical Center is more than two years behind schedule. The delays and cost overruns are costing taxpayers at least $36 million a year. Turner construction was given an ultimatum — turn the project around or be fired.

During a tour of the 168-bed project, the county executive criticized the fact that after five years, not one patient room has been completed.

Firing back, a spokesman for Turner Construction said the county is to blame for imposing costly, last minute change orders and failing to take responsibility for delays caused by the architect, state regulators, and county inspectors.

County officials and Turner also traded barbs over the county’s allegation that turner diverted resources away from the hospital job to another of its jobs, Levi’s Stadium, where Turner stood to win incentives for finishing the stadium on or ahead of schedule.

Turner was given a week to develop a new plan, or the county will find a new contractor to take over the job.

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