San Jose shooting victim files lawsuit against singer Chris Brown, nightclub

SAN JOSE (BCN) — A lawsuit has been filed by a man shot during an event in San Jose hosted earlier this year by R&B singer Chris Brown.

Paul Briley, 22, of San Francisco, filed the lawsuit last Thursday in Santa Clara County Superior Court against the popular singer, as well as against Fiesta Nightclub, according to attorney Richard Alexander.

Briley was one of five people shot during an event at the nightclub located at 3840 Monterey Highway that started on the evening of Jan. 10 and continued into the early morning hours of Jan. 11.

Attendees had to purchase tickets that ranged between $50 and $2,500 to attend the event, titled “Chris Brown’s Capricorn Bash.”

The complaint alleges that there should have been increased security at the bash because of past Brown events that led to violent incidents, four of which occurred a year before the January shooting, according to the complaint.

The lack of sufficient security led to poor checks on attendees for firearms, the complaint states.

Personnel at the event lacked training to control the crowd when there was a fight involving a gun, according to the complaint.

Briley, a student at San Francisco State University, was shot in the foot and suffered permanent nerve damage, Alexander said.

The lawsuit seeks damages for physical, mental and emotional pain, in addition to loss of earnings and medical expenses.

Professional performers such as Brown have their own security personnel, and their fans should be protected in exchange for paying tickets to the event, Alexander said.

The nightclub’s liquor and entertainment licenses were suspended for 60 days following the shooting and the business was placed on probation for two years, according to the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The San Jose Police Department also suspended the nightclub’s entertainment permit for 60 days because of the lack of security at the event.

In an email, Brown’s spokeswoman Nicole Perna said, “It is a poor reflection of our society that violence is so prevalent and it is always a tragedy when someone is physically harmed.

“However this is a completely frivolous lawsuit. We expect that the case will be dismissed and in the future, to avoid these reoccurring meritless lawsuits directed at Chris Brown, we plan to seek damages from all parties and their lawyers,” Perna said.

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