SFPD officer under investigation for sexual assault

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco police officer is under investigation for sexual assault and another is under investigation for interfering with that investigation.

An investigation is underway after an off duty SFPD officer was accused of sexually assaulting a woman early this month. SFPD is also investigating whether another officer tipped off the suspect about the investigation, officials said.

An SFPD search warrant regrading the allegations says that a woman came to SF General Hospital on Aug. 7 with injuries from a sexual assault that took place five days ago.

That night at the hospital she refused to talk to responding officers but two days later, she told them what had happened and identified the suspect, an an acquaintance and a police officer, from a photo lineup, according to the warrant.

Both the victim and the suspect reportedly drank heavily at the woman’s house in the Sunset District, with the woman “consuming 5-7 drinks in the first half hour.” According to the warrant, the pair then went to the woman’s bedroom, where she says they had sex despite her saying: “no I don’t want to.”

The officer told investigators he was quote “hammered” and does not remember anything from that night.

According to the warrant, a fellow officer at the Taraval Station and friend of the accused, compromised the investigation.

The information provided from one officer to the other could have allowed the suspect to destroy evidence.

The search warrants says he “intentionally interfered with a felony sexual assault investigation both by lying to the officers investigating the incident and by contacting the suspect directly to inform him of the progress of the investigation.” The warrant also requests permission to seize the officer’s cell phone.

Stay with KRON 4 for more updates on this on-going investigation.

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