VIDEO: After reduction in 2014, Richmond sees spike in crime in 2015

RICHMOND (KRON) —  The City of Richmond saw a major reduction in crime in 2014, but it is now experiencing a major spike in criminal activity in 2015.

Police investigators break down the reasons for the rise in crime to KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun.

A man shot to death early Sunday morning on the 3500 block of Ohio Avenue has now been identified as 65-year-old Carl Roberts.

Richmond police investigators said so far, no motive and no suspects in the case. This is the city’s 13th homicide of 2015.

There were a total of 11 murders in 2014. In fact, the city is currently in the midst of a spike in crime.

“Just like in other cities, there has been an uptick in crime generally,” Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. “We’ve had a 5 percent increase in property crime, and a 20 percent increase in robberies.”

Tan said robbers are targeting people distracted by their cellphones in a couple hot spots in the city.

As for violent crime, he said long-standing fueds between gangs that cooled down in 2014 appears to be back heating up.

“You have your north side groups, and your south side groups not getting along,” Tan said.

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