Video: San Jose City Council discusses rent control


SAN JOSE (KRON) — The housing crisis is an issue many people are facing across the Bay Area, and on Tuesday night, it is taking a front and center spot on San Jose’s City Council agenda.

The city’s housing ordinances have not been updated in decades. Meanwhile, the price of housing has been skyrocketing.

On Tuesday, the council voted to update those ordinances.

“It’s hard,” San Jose resident Micaela Munos said. “I cry every night because I don’t know what to do.”

Her story is shared by thousands in San Jose. And on Tuesday, many of those people showed up to City Council, asking them to update their apartment rental ordinances legislation that has not been touched since 1979.

“I deserve something I can afford and have money for my son, to take him out,” Munos said.

Attorneys, engineers and elderly all echoed that plea in council. But those on the other end of those leases are landlords and owners who worry some of the possible changes will put them out of business or make matters worse.

“Rent control can cause all kinds of problems,” landlord Richard Matthews said. “Including eventual rents going up even more than they would have had their not been rent control.”

According to the Silicon Valley Renters’ Rights Coalition, the average person would need to make more than $100,000 a year to afford the average rent in San Jose — $2,500 a month for a two bedroom.

On Tuesday, the City Council agreed and voted that something needs to be done to manage the situation.

What those changes are has yet to be determined. But one thing is certain, the housing department is now charged with figuring it out, giving folks like Munos the hope she so desperately needs.

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